Learning and Development Offering

Corporates today are vigorously hiring candidates who are skilled in Big Data, Mobility and Analytics. This huge demand is sparsely met by the supply. ‘Now’ is the right time to leverage this opportunity to create a launching pad for the careers of our youngsters.

We provide intensive and extensive coaching in Big Data, Analytics and Mobility. Not to stop it at classroom training, we offer real life projects at our partner companies. On completion of our technology training, you will have a much valued skillset to your credit.

  • UYM gives you training and exposure in Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics Technologies, Mobile Technology and Emerging Web Technologies
  • You will learn and gain experience through our live projects
  • Hone your communication skills, leadership skills and soft skills that are crucial to make the best professional out of you

Our training and development programmes are topped with a customised development programme. We provide:

  • Career Counselling and competencies development
  • Learning and development
  • Personal Growth
  • Career growth paths management
  • Value creation
  • Integrated Intelligence Quotient development

We ensure that when you hire from UYM you will have a real professional at hand.

Soft Skill | Technological Skills