Employability and professional growth have got a great deal of dependence on soft skills. Communication, leadership, team management – all these are now regarded as core skills and not just soft skills. As critical as these skills are, as significant a part they are of UYM’s coaching. We put our candidates through a thorough phase of learning and moulding for professional excellence.



We believe success is the ultimate measure for the way of our Soft Skill Trainings. Driven by what best works for our clients, we passionately pursue innovation in our training methodologies that would lead our clients to achieve organizational goals.

  1.    Effective Communication
  2.    Time Management
  3.    Email, Telephone and Conference Etiquette
  4.    Leadership Series
  5.    Interview Management
  6.    Stress Management
  7.    Creative Thinking
Personality Development - 100%
Management Skills - 100%
Corporate Etiquette - 100%
Outdoor Communication - 100%
Indoor Participation - 100%